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Join organisations such as CapGemini, IBM, Hermes, Porsche, Dell, SAP, LexisNexis, GOV.UK, and Daimler AG in experiencing some of the most effective training for digital transformation

At Conflux, we provide first-class, practitioner-led training courses and workshops for Executives, Managers, and Engineers, based on our extensive consulting experience. Our training helps to accelerate the adoption of modern, effective practices, driving better business outcomes for you and your organisation.

“Everyone who attended was very positive about the value of the training and the way the training was done. Recommended.”
-- Andrew Slater, Director, N4Stack

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Workshops for Leaders

Our workshops for leaders help busy execs and managers to get up to speed quickly and effectively with new approaches and to gain a useful understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

  • Organisation design using Team Topologies

  • Build a healthy organisational culture

  • Multi-supplier IT operations with the SRE model

  • Continuous Delivery for Leaders

  • DevOps for Leaders

  • Getting Started with DevOps in 90 Minutes


Workshops for Engineers

Engineers need time to learn (or re-learn) new approaches, and our workshops help engineers to develop their skills and knowledge in a stress-free, creative learning environment.

  • Continuous Delivery for Engineers

  • Practical Operability techniques for Engineers

  • Team interactions for software delivery at scale

  • Better whiteboard sketches for Engineers

  • Technical writing for blogs and articles


  • 1-day workshops: $780 USD / £520 per person (min 4)

  • 90-min tutorials: $195 USD / £130 per person (min 4)

  • Volume discounts for multiple sessions and for more than 8 attendees

The cost includes a verifiable Certificate of Completion for all attendees who complete a 1-day workshop.

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