Office design informed by software architecture

Many successful organisations are designing their offices to reflect recent studies that show that communication paths between teams strongly influence the emergent software architecture built by the teams.

Conflux can help you can take advantage of this pattern (known as Conway’s Law) by designing the office space to anticipate the required software architecture. We use the Team Topologies approach from Conflux consultants Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais to assess and devise office layouts that help to drive the software architecture outcomes you need.


Example team-first office design


"The physical work environment has a significant effect on the ability of teams to interact in useful ways. Successful organizations make sure to spend time and money achieving a good physical environment for their staff. Office design for effective software delivery should accommodate three different modes of work: focused individual work, collaborative intra-team work, and collaborative inter-team work."

Matthew Skelton, co-author, Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow (IT Revolution Press, 2019) and Head of Consulting at Conflux.


Software Architecture Discovery

We help you to design office layouts that encourage modern, flow-based, highly-responsive software architectures by emphasising the right kinds of team interactions.

Using our deep and broad knowledge and experience of software architectures in many different sectors, we assess your current and intended future software architectures using the Team Topologies approach. By using the “Reverse Conway” method based on Conway’s Law, we help you to avoid inappropriate software architectures driven by poor inter-team communication, and instead consider the effect of team relationships on software architectures.



Following the architecture discovery session, we model designs on whiteboards and in 3D using modelling bricks to help you visualise the design and explore the communication flows. The result is a draft office design that acts as input to the interior design process.



We work with experts in the interior design field to devise an office design that encourages team intercommunication suitable for your software architecture, helping you to realise the designs across your office locations.