Continuous Lifecycle London 2019 - Day 1: Culture, motivation and having fun!

I am really glad to be a part of Conflux team who went to the Continuous Lifecycle London conference today! It’s the fourth time the conference is being held in London and it’s always a good fun - so many interesting talks that make you rethink the way you do things and give you ideas on how to solve your problems, so many interesting people and interesting conversations!

Here are my impressions of the day:

Getting Started with DevOps - learning resources

Getting Started with DevOps - learning resources

I’ve been helping organisations to adopt and evolve DevOps for many years, so I am pleased to be able to share my experience through monthly live video training with O’Reilly Media: Getting Started with DevOps in 90 mins - for execs and leaders.

Here are the links to recommended reading for the course; I thought it would be useful to share these for anyone who is getting started with DevOps (whether or not you join the online training).