Sustainable software delivery through operability - Matthew Skelton - Conflux

Sustainable software delivery through operability - Matthew Skelton - Conflux

Matthew Skelton of Conflux discusses how a focus on operability can help to make software delivery more sustainable for organisations and teams.

(This post is part of a collection from the Sustainable Digital Delivery event hosted by Conflux at the Leeds Digital Festival 2019)

Key Points:

  • Operability is all about making software work well in production. It is about long term customer experience and service viability, not short -term software delivery.

  • Sustainable revenue/spend - sustainable on-call for teams, more predictable outcomes

  • 5 practical techniques:

    • Modern event-based logging

      • more straightforward for new employees to collaborate

    • Run-book dialogue sheets

    • End-point healthchecks

    • Correlation IDs and traces

      • get centralized logging system if you don’t have one, with that in place you can get correlation IDs

    • Lightweight User Personas for Ops

      • Often used in e-commerce context to find out what customers what from your products

      • In this context - it is used to identify the needs of people who are running systems: what their motivations, goals and frustrations are.

      • We are looking to improve the user experience of the people who are running systems

      • Think of operations people as users of your software systems.

  • Address operability early on - operation aspects are also features.

  • Good logging is foundational - use a well-defined event space, searchable IDs, invest in logging infra (Saas/people etc)