Describe your APIs with OpenAPI - Lorna Mitchell - Nexmo

Lorna Mitchell (Nexmo) - Describe your APIs with OpenAPI

Lorna Mitchell of Nexmo discusses how using OpenAPI can make your project evolve even without your imput.

(This post is part of a collection from the Sustainable Digital Delivery event hosted by Conflux at the Leeds Digital Festival 2019)

Key points:

  • Decribing APIs - describe RESTfullHTTP API in a machine readable way:

    • Produce API reference documents

    • Auto-generate code SDKs

    • Use description in other developer tooling

  • OpenAPI - API description language formerly known as "Swagger", an open standard, supported by industry.

  • Spec-First API design

    • That's what’s magic about it - it is open, there is so much that you can do about it.

  • The project you don't just ship but live and evolve.