M is for MVP (or is it?) - Clem Pickering - Infinity Works

M is for MVP (or is it?) - Clem Pickering - Infinity Works

Clem Pickering of Infinity Works discusses how an MVP is not exactly MVP and how we should change the definition to establishing regular, iterative delivery.

(This post is part of a collection from the Sustainable Digital Delivery event hosted by Conflux at the Leeds Digital Festival 2019)

Key Points:

  • MVP - minimum viable product - just enough features to make the client satisfied.

  • M - maximum not minimum, clients insist everything is minimum

  • M - marketable - generally suggests that it would need extra polish, extra features to make sure it is marketable

  • V - immoVable - (M is for Must!) - MVP is commitment, once it is there, it is fixed

  • M is for Must (oScoW) - the idea is - must, should, could, won’t.

  • P - is for permanent - once the feature is there - it is never coming out!

  • Ideally you should move towards:

    • M - multiple, M - is for Monthly - when you come from once a year, once a month release cycle is a good change.

    • V - valuable

    • P - experiment

  • Challenge the concept of MVP - focus instead on establishing regular, iterative delivery, take the tube not the release train.