Techniques for sustainable digital delivery at scale - Ben Davison - Axiologik

Techniques for sustainable digital delivery at scale - Ben Davison - Axiologik

Ben Davison of Axiologik discusses what digital is and the techniques for sustainable digital delivery at scale.

(This post is part of a collection from the Sustainable Digital Delivery event hosted by Conflux at the Leeds Digital Festival 2019)

Key Points:

  • Digital is not Agile or cool tech. Digital is paradigm shift in how we consider business and tech. It is a fundamental re-imagining and re-engineering of an organisation around customer journeys.

  • To succeed, you need to worry about three things:

    • what you are going to do

    • how you are going to do it

    • how you are going to get there

  • Make sure software is always in a deployable state, single unit flow, focus on software operability.

  • As ever, the complexity is how you get there:

  • Short term mindset - be wary of snake oil salespeople selling transformations

  • Minimise dependencies - in software development, hell is dependencies

  • Teams should be in control of their own destinies and not constrained by other teams

  • Platformify shared or commom components

  • Taking a lean approach:

    • Understand value stream, instrument the process, relentlessly focus on reducing cycle time:

    • map your end to end development processes

    • use tooling and visualizations to model the flow

  • Focus on software operability

  • Care about engineering as a discipline

  • A lot of what we do on day to day basis is engineering - how you get there is important, engineering culture is important also. You need to find somebody who would really care about the software,

  • Start small, prove model, scale

  • If it hurts, do it more often - frequency reduces difficulty.