We provide leadership for Software Engineering, Delivery, Platform teams, and IT Operations.

Our Approach

We bring our 'smart digital' approach to the needs of each organisation to  give a dynamic, responsive leadership capability across Software Engineering/Delivery, Platform teams, and IT Operations. Our approach combines Continuous Delivery practices and a focus on software operability to enable whole organisations to build, deliver, and run software systems rapidly and safely.

We typically spend between 6 months and 18 months in one role for clients. This usually gives enough time for meaningful outcomes without the client becoming too dependent on our expertise: a healthy outcome for our clients.

Cost: £800-£1400 per consulting day depending on the nature of the role.

A truly effective digital strategy sees digital as an organisational ‘sensing mechanism’, capable of transforming the way in which companies operate.
— Matthew Skelton, Head of Consulting, Conflux

What We've Achieved

  • Accelerated the adoption of new practices and technologies at a UK ticket retailer through leadership of a Platform team
  • Leadership in Build & Deployment for a major vendor in the UK legal sector
  • Evolution of the Software Engineering division at a large public sector organisation in the UK