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Love the brain you're in - Lean Agile Scotland - 10 October 2019

  • John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh United Kingdom (map)

A workshop at Lean Agile Scotland 2019 - October 9-11th:

Love the brain you're in by Chris Young (Linius Technologies) & Kate Gray (Number Forty-One)

From different backgrounds, Kate, a post-graduate student in cognitive psychology and computational modelling, and Chris, an engineer, have reached a common commitment to understand that what makes us human affects whether we thrive or flounder at work.

Understanding the brain benefits both you and your work. Using familiar lean concepts (Theory of Constraints, limiting WIP, small batch sizes etc), we'll share the science and experiences we are aware of, adding to our understanding of why we do what we do.

Chris Young

Chris has been leading engineering teams since 1999. He was pivotal in the BBC’s adoption of agile in 2000 to 2001. Since then, he has worked for broadcasters and platform owners including Dish Network in the US and Deutsche Telekom in Europe. He is currently Vice President, Engineering at Linius Technologies. He is an active member of the lean/agile/DevOps community, speaking at meetups and conferences across Europe including GOTO Berlin, Agile Cambridge, CukeUp and QCon. His favourite language is Python. Also, Chris is one of the co-authors of the upcoming Team Guide to Metrics for Business Decisions book.

Kate Gray

Kate’s diverse roles have included investing in start-ups and scale-ups; board-level consulting on transformation, innovation, brand and product management; executive coaching; communications strategist; and senior roles with global corporations. She has worked with companies in technology, finance, media, healthcare, travel, sports and beverages, and began her career in US national politics.

She’s currently completing a MSc in cognition and computation (cognitive psychology and computational modelling) at Birkbeck in London. Free time is spent coaching and mentoring executives at corporations, start-ups and scale-ups, promoting the benefits of greater diversity in business - and practising her programming skills.

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