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Team toxins - the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse - Agile Cambridge - 2 October 2019

  • Churchill College, Cambridge United Kingdom (map)

A talk at CultureCon - September 18-19th:

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse by
Victoria Morgan-Smith (Financial Times) and David Legge (Redgate)

John Gottman identified 4 behaviours he deemed to be not just unhealthy, but actually toxic when present in teams. Without psychological safety and trust between team members, there will never be the kind of healthy conflict you need to ensure smart decisions are made.

This workshop will help you recognise toxic communication habits that emerge during stress or conflict, including your own. What impact do they have on those around you? And, most importantly, what can you do about it?

Victoria Morgan-Smith

Victoria Morgan-Smith is Head of Delivery for Internal Products at the Financial Times, where she has been helping teams succeed since 2009. Before this, she was a developer for 9 years, a background that fuels her interest in finding fun ways to coach, energise and motivate teams into self-organising units. She is passionate about collaboration beyond the team, adopting agile principles to get under the skin of what will deliver measurable business value around the organisation. Victoria Morgan-Smith is one of the authors of the “Internal Tech Conferences” book.

David Legge

David is an agile software consultant and committed agile coder based in Cambridge. He has worked in just about every role within software and across all manner of sectors - public, private, education, research - from food to finance, and agriculture to IoT, and is now part of the team as Tech Lead at Redgate.

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