Continuous Delivery


Continuous Delivery is the the practice of using build, test, and release automation to achieve reliable software releases. Defined in the 2010 book by Jez Humble and Dave Farley, Continuous Delivery practices have been proven to contribute to high organisational performance.

At Conflux, we have helped many organisations to adopt and evolve their Continuous Delivery practices through consulting, training, and workshops.

Continuous Delivery Assessment

Our multi-day Continuous Delivery Assessment provides you with a clear picture of your practices and approaches and how these should evolve to take advantage of Continuous Delivery.


Continuous Delivery Training

Our Continuous Delivery training for leaders and engineers helps your staff to learn new ideas and skills and apply these in a Continuous Delivery context.


Book: Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

Conflux founder Matthew Skelton is the co-author of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET, published by O’Reilly in 2016. Buy a printed copy in our online store.

Book: Build Quality In

Build Quality In is a book of Continuous Delivery and DevOps experienced reports from around the world. Edited by Steve Smith and Matthew Skelton (founder of Conflux), Build Quality In shows how organisations have successfully adopted modern software delivery practices.