Book: Team Guide to Software Operability

Team Guide to Software Operability

Matthew Skelton, Alex Moore, and Rob Thatcher

Learn how a focus on software operability helps to increase system reliability, reduce problems in Production, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Software operability is the measure of how well a software system works when operating 'live' in production, whether that is the public cloud, a co-located datacentre, an embedded system, or a remote sensor forming part of an Internet of Things (IoT) network. We say that a software system with good operability works well and is operable. A highly operable software system is one that minimizes the time and effort needed for unplanned interventions (whether manual or automated) in order to keep the system running.


This guide provides a set of hands-on practices based on real-world, tried-and-tested experience across multiple organizations for teams to adopt (and adapt) in order to promote and enhance software operability.

In short, if you build or run software systems and care about how well they work, then this book is for you!


  • Publication date: September 2016

  • Pages: TBC

  • Formats: Leanpub (PDF, Mobi, ePub), print

  • Twitter: @Operability

The Team Guide series

The Team Guide books are written and curated by experienced software practitioners and emphasise the need for collaboration and learning, with the team at the centre. The books focus on specific techniques and approaches that have been proven to work well for teams building software systems, and contain several case studies from people in the field, bringing to life the concepts in real situations.