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What is an Internal Tech Conference?

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Internal Tech Conferences

Victoria Morgan-Smith and Matthew Skelton

Internal tech conferences can make a significant impact on an organisation's level of sharing, learning, and communication by accelerating multi-team learning across technology departments. An increasing number of enlightened organisations are using this powerful approach to spread and embed new ideas and practices.

In this book we share practical advice on how to prepare, run, and follow-up on an internal tech conference, together with some case studies from several organisations showing the approaches in common and the adaptations for each situation.


This book is for people involved in technology leadership in some form: people in "official" positions of leadership (CIO, CTO, Head of Engineering, IT Operations Manager, etc.) and those in more informal technology leadership positions, such as team leaders, senior engineers, and people who simply like to lead by example. Having been in such positions ourselves, we (Victoria and Matthew) want to help other technology leaders to devise and run successful internal tech conferences to act as a key strategic differentiator for organisations building software systems.


  • By Victoria Morgan-Smith and Matthew Skelton

  • Publication date: April 2019

  • Pages: 127

  • Formats: Leanpub (PDF, Mobi, ePub), print

  • ISBN 978-1-912058-96-9 (Leanpub PDF)

  • Twitter: @IntTechConf


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