Katie Hassell - Software and Spacecraft: Not Just for Computer Scientists


The first Codemill Digital skills meetup was launched by Katie Haskell, a Spacecraft Thermal Engineer, who over the last six years has worked on a whole range of missions, including: EarthCARE, Solar Orbiter, LISA Pathfinder, Biomass and PLATO.With the talk "Software and Spacecraft: Not Just for Computer Scientists", Katie introduced us to general principles behind spacecraft engineering, including an overview of different roles and uses of software in addition to challenges.

Key Points:

  • Spacecraft engineers also need to be computer scientists

  • Every smallest detail matters, for example, Gaia spacecraft has stability requirements of 14 micro arc seconds.

  • Thermo-elastic distortion

  • EarthCARE

  • Various planets in the universe have been discovered due to funny wobble on another planet

  • After building a spacecraft, testing happens in a vacuum chamber to make sure the thermal model behaves the same and afterwards, simulations can be done by analysis.

You can see the slides here: