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Heather Norton - Tackling Climate Change with Code


The March 2018 Codemill Digital skills meetup was all about dealing with climate change by using code and had Heather Norton, software developer at JBA Consulting, talk about her experience working at ForeCoast® Marine.Heather introduced the audience to the field of marine energy and explained how you can use simulations to analyse biggest issues and find better solutions, thus save money and produce cheaper and cleaner energy.

Some key points from the talk:

  • UK is research and development leader in the field of offshore wind energy, however the field is quite new and still considered to be experimental.

    1. While producing the ForeCoast Marine software, the team spent a lot of time speaking to people and working out how they make decisions in real life in order to create optimal decisions using computer.

    2. The idea is to change the variables and simulate as many times as possible until you get the most optimal solution.

    3. Since building and running time of a windfarm is around 40 years, using historic weather for the simulations is not good enough anymore, the simulations have to be adapted to the climate change.

    4. Due to the massive amount of data needed for the simulations, the idea is to collaborate with others and share the climate change models with the world.

    5. There is an actual ecosystem of climate change models available online.

You can see the slides here: