Matt Moore - Learn to code with Raspberry Pi, Microbit, MakeyMakey


The first Codemill Digital skills meetup of 2018 had Matt Moore, a Primary Computing Specialist, talk about the techniques to teach young people to write code using Raspberry Pi, Microbit, and MakeyMakey, and how these tools let people learn to code in a simple, fun and accessible way.

Some projects and ideas mentioned:

  • Raspberry Pi:

    • #cheerlights - there is a project run through twitter, if you tweet cheerlights + colour, any device in the world connected to the network changes to that color

    • They have tried introducing what a Raspberry Pi is by putting a retro gaming console on the display wall and clearly showing all the individual pieces needed to make the games work.

    • Sense HAT

    • SonicPi

    • Microbit:

      • Making robo heads and using the screen to make sad or happy faces

      • MakeyMakey:

        • Finding things that are conductive

        • Combined Microbit with Raspberry Pi:

          • Making in instrument out of a wall

          • Making sound boards

          • Making a paper button into a real button

You can see the slides here: