Alexandra Carter - Containerisation Hack of a Legacy Software Solution


The last Codemill Digital skills meetup of 2017 had Alex Carter from CallCredit talk about how they took a legacy solution and pushed it into containers on Windows in just three (!!!) days.The talk was based on the case study here:

Some key points from the talk:

  • Firstly, they had drawn the structure architecture of the product

  • Step 2 - value stream mapping. The members of the team mapped out process followed for the release of the feature. Then using red pen marked waste and using green pen marked how it could be improved.

  • CallCredit's requirements before the hackfest:

    • Portable (deployable onto platform of choice)

    • Push an update once to all live instances

    • Quickly replicate any bespoke customer solution

    • Methodology suitable for other software products

    • Scalability

    • Resilience

    • Hackaton aims:

      • Build their three components within VSTS: database, core services and identity component

      • Release Process: Docker containers, test and live environments, azure

      • Monitoring

      • After the hackaton - they have started using containers, but it was only the first step towards the initial requirements.

You can see the slides here: