CodeMill meetup launch night with spacecraft engineer Katie Hassell - 14 Sept 2017

Launch night at ODI LeedsWe're thrilled to be launching CodeMill at ODI Leeds on Thursday 14 Sept 2017 with a very special guest speaker: spacecraft engineer Katie Hassell (@khassellspace)Register for the meetup at Meetup.comSoftware and Spacecraft: Not Just for Computer ScientistsLike many engineered products of today (cars, aeroplanes, buildings), spacecraft have complex designs; not made any easier by a lack of access after launch and usually no "repeat" mission to iterate a design over.  It will come as no surprise that computational analysis features heavily in the life of a spacecraft engineer.Katie will introduce the general principles behind spacecraft engineering, including an overview of different roles and uses of software.  She will share her experience of being a thermal analyst for spacecraft and a brief history of how software use has changed in the industry, looking at some more recent missions and how software is changing the scope of future space exploration.Katie HassellKatie-Hassell--highres_463897263Originally from Giggleswick in North Yorkshire, Katie studied Physics at The University of Warwick. After a few years in the administrative wilderness, she completed a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, before becoming a Spacecraft Thermal Engineer. Over the last six years she has been lucky enough to work on a whole range of missions, including: EarthCARE, Solar Orbiter, LISA Pathfinder, Biomass and PLATO.@khassellspace---Introduction to CodeMill The founder of CodeMill, Matthew Skelton (@matthewpskelton), will give an overview of CodeMill and what we hope to achieve over the coming months and years: a boost to the digital skills of the region! Register for the meetup at