Clients - Training

Here is what our clients have to say about training from Conflux.


Training: T02 - Technical Writing for Blogs and Articles

Andrew Slater, Director, N4Stack


N4Stack is a growing provider of cloud-native services and skills. We have attracted some of the most experienced engineers in the UK to our teams and we like to give them a real voice in the company. We therefore decided to train up 13 of our staff with blogging and writing skills so they could contribute to our tech blog at

Having worked with Conflux before, we knew that the training would be excellent, and we were not disappointed. Many of the attendees had never written a blog post before, but by the end the day every person had two draft blog posts ready to be written up as full blog posts or articles. Everyone who attended was very positive about the value of the training and the way the training was done. Recommended.


Training: T80 - Organisation Design using Team Topologies

Rob Trueman, Head of Software Engineering, CDL


A group of us had been on a public workshop on organisation design delivered by Matthew and we decided that it would be really beneficial to run the workshop internally at CDL. We had a range of people in the workshop including engineers, testers, project managers, team leaders, department heads, and our Directors. People found the workshop very useful: it helped us to think in fresh ways about the relationships between teams and responsibilities.

The workshop had a good mix of theory and practical bits, with group exercises to get people thinking and doing things. The pace was good and the delivery polished without being formulaic. Highly recommended.