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Our books help to accelerate and deepen your learning in the field of software delivery. We focus on subjects that don't go out of date: fundamental software principles & practices, team interactions, and technology-independent skills.

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Internal Tech Conferences

Victoria Morgan-Smith and Matthew Skelton

Accelerate Multi-team Learning

Internal tech conferences can make a significant impact on an organisation's level of sharing, learning, and communication by accelerating multi-team learning across technology departments. An increasing number of enlightened organisations are using this powerful approach to spread and embed new ideas and practices.

Software Operability

Matthew Skelton,
Alex Moore, and
Rob Thatcher

Make software work well in Production

This book provides a set of hands-on practices based on real-world, tried-and-tested experience across multiple organizations for teams to adopt (and adapt) in order to promote and enhance software operability.

In short, if you build or run software systems and care about how well they work, then this book is for you!

Better Whiteboard Sketches

Matthew Skelton

How to sketch clear technical diagrams.

This book provides a very practical approach to better whiteboard sketches. Although the techniques are based on sound research and practical usage, the theory is kept to a minimum and you can get started with techniques almost immediately.

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