Our Capability Assessments give you the confidence to prioritise and invest in the most suitable areas in the most effective way.

Covering all key modern capabilities for digital, the Capability Assessments help you to make the case for targeted investment in digital transformation programmes, and are based on experience with over 50 organisations around the world.

  • Duration: 3-day, 6-day, 9-day, and 12-day assessment options available depending on depth and scale required

  • Output: an ordered backlog of work items co-created with your teams for maximum engagement, plus wider recommendations and details of rationale

  • Pricing: £1400 per day [50% discount when purchased together with Training (3 days minimum) or Consulting (16 days minimum)]


Continuous Delivery capability assessment

The Continuous Delivery assessment covers the practices between version control and the production environment; we look at source code branching, Continuous Integration, packaging, deployment pipelines, test automation, deployment automation, test data management, and related areas. 


DevOps capability assessment

The DevOps and Infrastructure Automation assessment addresses the capability relating to “infrastructure as code” – infrastructure automation, system configuration, containerisation, monitoring and logging practices, and testability of infrastructure.


Cloud Readiness capability assessment

The Cloud Readiness assessment establishes how suitable the organisation and software systems are for cloud-native operation. Looking at team responsibilities, operational awareness, software architecture, build & release practices, and product management expertise, we identify where changes would help to make the software systems more cloud-ready.