Whitepaper: Changes to technology and teams needed for modern software

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Cloud changes everything for organisations building and operating their own internet-connected software systems. However, many organisations are unaware of the scale and nature of the changes in technology and teams needed to take advantage of cloud in order to remain current and competitive.

Learn how:

  • Faster delivery comes at a price worth paying

  • Operability should be a first-class concern

  • Team structures shape systems architecture

Techniques and practices such as Continuous Delivery and DevOps work well precisely because ‘hand-over’ between teams is avoided in favour of in-team responsibility for both innovation and improvements based on feedback from the software in operation. Such approaches may not be cheaper in terms of head count, training, or salaries, but the resulting approach – seeing IT as ‘value-add’ – can be much more effective than one that sees IT purely as a cost centre, as recent studies by Gartner, Forrester, and others have shown.

(8 pages, Revised July 2019)